You are browsing an archived site for a previous Northern Spark event. To visit the current site click here.

You are browsing an archived site for a previous Northern Spark event. To visit the current site click here.

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Spark the Night on Your Mobile Device!

Every year Northern Spark challenges us to step outside of our normal routines and engage with the city in new and exciting ways.  Between the throngs of people, projects glowing in the streets and projected on the cityscape, and a quick stop at your favorite food truck it is easy to forget about the art in your pocket!

We would like to highlight three mobile apps to help plan your night, view site-specific ephemeral projects, and partake in a city-wide mystery adventure game. 


Northern Spark Mobile App

This app turns your phone into a tool to ensure you don’t forget about any projects you wanted to see!  You can use it to search for art in your area, locate a food truck, check the start time of projects, tweet about work without having to remember the correct hashtag, and much more!

If you’ve already started picking projects to visit on the Northern Spark website you can import your choices to your phone simply by entering your email address in the “My Night” tab on the menu bar of the app.  It is totally free, so download it now and start planning your night!

Now Available on iOS & Android


Leav by Six Impossible Things

 One of the strengths of web-based digital art is that it can exist anywhere with an internet connection.  This platform will provide access to pieces using your mobile device.  Leav launches on June 14 and will be presenting four projects with Northern Spark.  It will continue to serve as a way to access site-specific and time-sensitive work in the future and is an innovative addition to our art infrastructure in the Twin Cities.  

Be sure to check out A Natural History of ChimneysThe Weight of Church BellsTransient Melody, and Fancy Folk on your iPhone.  If iOS isn’t your operating system of choice, be sure to check for the Android app later this year and keep an eye out for more projects that will be popping up all around the cities!  

Available on iOS on June 14, Android to follow


MysteryPhone: Art of Darkness by Monkey with a Mustache Entertainment 

As you read this, the dastardly Dr. Obscuro is plotting a heist in the heart of Minneapolis.  You play an important role in uncovering this villain’s identity and keeping the Dale Chihuly sculpture Sunburst safely in the lobby of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts!

Download the app now to start your investigation. The scenario will unfold with new clues every day between now and the festival, so good luck.  We’re counting on you to solve this case!

Now Available on Android, iOS version coming soon